Healing Mandarin Service 7:30pm

Claudia and Priscilla Gan

30 Sep, 2017 Church of Praise Level 1 Hall

Mandarin Ministry

(This is a Mandarin Service)
Join this service to be blessed and healed by visiting Healing Ministry Evangelists, Priscilla and Claudia Gan.

Priscilla Gan is an Indonesian Chinese, who is a preacher and a gospel singer. She comes from a Buddhist family. God has blessed her with the ability to compose songs in four different languages; English, Mandarin, Indonesian and Hokkien. She now has a compilation of more than 500 songs.

Together with her sister, Claudia Gan, they minister in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. God has blessed them with a gift of healing. Many people have been healed from insomnia, depression, migraine, deafness, tumours, and many illnesses and diseases.

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