Marks Of A Glorious Vessel

Sermon Title – “Marks Of A Glorious Vessel”

Speaker – Pr. Kalarani Subramaniam

Sermon Date – 08-05-2022

Free People

Sermon Title – “Free People”

Speaker – Pr. Michael Yeo

Sermon Date – 01-05-2022

Running The Race

Sermon Title – “Running The Race”

Speaker – Bro. Edwin Marsden

Sermon Date – 24-04-2022

The Glory Of The Cross

Sermon Title – “The Glory Of The Cross”

Speaker – Pr. Victor Lee

Sermon Date – 15-04-2022

Key To A Strong Church

Sermon Title – “Key To A Strong Church”

Speaker – Pr. James Tan

Sermon Date – 10-04-2022

Divine Healing Happens

Sermon Title – “Divine Healing Happens”

Speaker – Pr. Michael Yeo

Sermon Date – 03-04-2022

The Grace Of Giving

Sermon Title – “The Grace Of Giving”

Speaker – Pr. Pamela Yeang

Sermon Date – 27-03-2022

Reaping What We Sow

Sermon Title – “Reaping What We Sow “

Speaker – Pr. Benjamin Yeoh

Sermon Date – 20-03-2022

Whole Hearted Giving

Sermon Title – “Whole Hearted Giving”

Speaker – Dr. MG George

Sermon Date – 13-03-2022

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